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Building A Better Community

Prio Bangla is a Non-Profit Organization. Our Directors are dedicated and committed to a devote their time to volunteer a to build a better community. Prio Bangla encourages exchange of students, artists, athletes, etc., among different cultures to promote mutual understanding to Create a better society where people can connect with different ethnic and social backgrounds. This shall be accomplished by promoting continous cultural activities and practices, which encourages our youth in achieving a prograssive life style. Prio Bangla is Involved in Cultural acceptance programs for new US Immigrants to help them become accustom to their new way of life.

Education, Training, Career Development and Job Placement

We provide professional career develoment seminars, training and connect with righte training and education sources for your specific needs. Prio Bangla is in the business of helping needy individuals
and families in our local Bangladeshi communities. Also, it is open
for all ethnicity.

Bengali Festival at the Kennedy Center by Prio Bangla Celebrating “Light and Life”

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Celebrating Light & Life at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, Thursday, September 24, 2022 at 6 pm

Pay Stall or Sponsor Fee or Donation




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